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A main mission of the Hockey Prophets includes a premium draft-class ranking suited for a dynasty league prospect draft. Our ranking is based on several factors and is updated throughout the season leading up to the draft. Once the NHL draft is completed, the actual selection results become a part of the rankings themselves.

Once the final ranking is complete (typically with a week or two after the draft), the list is set and unchanged so that we can test the results in the future. The current and most recent draft rankings are available for your use and review (premium members have access to all rankings back to 2011). Periodically, Hockey Prophets will conduct a formal review analysis of past drafts, and as always, the results will be made available, as well.


2016 NHL Draft 

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2015 NHL Draft 

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2014 NHL Draft (Premium Members only)

2013 NHL Draft (Premium Members only)

2012 NHL Draft (Premium Members only)

2011 NHL Draft (Premium Members only)



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Age/Production Score: The Hockey Prophets draft year database is a collection of almost 2,000 players and their draft year statistics. Draft-year production has been normalized using NHLe translations, and standardized across the data set. Each player's age at the draft is also standaradized, and a weighted score is generated. The score itself has been backtested against player performance to determine the relative strength of the score. The score is also sometimes shown as "A/P Score."


Weighted Opinions: Each year, the Hockey Prophets collect multiple draft rankings from a variety of scouting services. The individual rankings are combined into a weighted, pre-draft score that is displayed as "weighted opinions."

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